Clarius is focused on serving as your family office so that you can focus on what matters most to you. 

With our roots dating back to 1999, Clarius has served as a fiduciary to individuals and families throughout the Northwest and beyond. 

Clarius exists for one purpose – to work in service for our client families. With that singular focus, we pioneered our vision for a shared family office model. Our goal is for each family to experience the benefits of a private family office – professional stewardship with aligned, service-driven partners.

As your family office, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of security, integrity, and transparency. By proactively managing all things financial for your family, we aim to deliver time, peace of mind, and economic results so that you can focus on what matters to you.

Only when we develop a strong foundation of trust can you truly have the freedom and peace of mind to pursue your true passions.



Only when we develop a strong foundation of trust can you truly have the freedom and peace of mind to pursue your true passions.

Families would not accept a lack of alignment from their lawyers or accountants, but it is commonplace in the financial advisory world. Clarius’ shared family office model, with alignment at its core, stands in stark contrast to industry norms. Our approach starts with a philosophy that we exist to serve our clients and that our clients’ interests sit above all others. This perspective guides everything we do; from the services and advice we provide to the way we manage the firm.

Leveraging work published by leading family offices, we embrace the belief that clients have fundamental rights in our partnership. We manage to these rights, and we believe families should require these from their fiduciary service providers. 

The Right to Clarity – Transparency in an advisory relationship is fundamental.

The Right to Security – In today’s world, protecting client privacy and information integrity is paramount.

The Right to Loyalty – A fiduciary must always put client interests above all others.

The Right to Collaboration – Your family office must facilitate communication across all stakeholders so that you benefit from collective best thinking.

The Right to Mastery – Your advisors should pursue the highest standard of excellence.

The Right to Permanence – Your family office should be managed to survive generations.


We believe time is precious, and we live to serve our clients so that they can have more of it.

A deep and ongoing understanding of your situation and objectives is at the core of everything we do. This insight drives the shared agreement of a strategic road map to achieve your goals and encompasses the key pillars of your financial life, including:  investments, taxes, estate planning, and philanthropy. Our experienced team also manages all the tactical steps required to keep your financial life secure and in order.

We know that when we remove this burden from clients, they free their minds and flourish in their individual passions, such as family, philanthropy, and business.

Because no two families are the same, we customize our services help you realize your vision of the future.



Because no two families are the same, we customize our services help you realize your vision of the future.

For the past 20+ years, we have defined our services as “anything financial” that our families need.  Everyone’s lives and goals are unique. Our Family Office approach is designed to reflect that reality by providing you with truly tailored services including the following.


    • Tailored portfolio design and implementation
    • Investment Policy Statements
    • Asset allocation and portfolio construction
    • Due diligence and investment selection
    • Direct indexing solutions
    • Private markets and alternatives
    • Ongoing management and rebalancing
    • Multi-account / custodian data aggregation
    • Multi-tiered ownership
    • Quarterly and on-demand reporting
    • Concentrated positions
    • Holistic and completion portfolios
    • Additional services, as needed


    • Banking and credit support
    • Cash flow management
    • Tax and estate planning and coordination
    • Insurance and risk management coordination
    • Philanthropic strategy and administration
    • Entity oversight and management
    • State of the art reporting
    • Additional services, as needed


    • Collecting physical and electronic payables
    • Executing bill pay
    • Reconciliation and aggregate reporting


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